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How to Get Level 0 Member on Financial Reporting Web Studio?

michael.cordova Member Posts: 3 Red Ribbon
edited Jun 9, 2020 4:15PM in Hyperion Query and Reporting


My situation is with Financial Reporting Web Studio.  I'm working with FRWS in Planning Application and can't find a way to list on the Report at the Level 0 Member of a Parent.  In the select members section, appears a list with Children and Descendants but what I need is Level 0 for a specific member.  Is there a way to get it?




  • Harishkumar Y-Oracle
    Harishkumar Y-Oracle Member Posts: 112 Employee
    edited Jun 9, 2020 4:15PM

    Currently Planning support SystemMemberLists at levels other than 0

    ER request made with development team for level 0 system defined member list to be added to the FR Report member selection in FR Web Studio for EPM Cloud

    You can try using below example :

    "Descendants of <member>" AND
    (System-defined member list Lev0,<member> OR System-defined member list Lev1,<member>t)

  • User_ZZARV
    User_ZZARV Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

    You can use the function "range" and you should select the first and the last member (base members) that you want show . In the report you will see all the base members within the selected range.