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Standard DNS ??

What happened to Standard DNS?  My network is down and everything is dead in the water!  What is going on?  I can't find the standard DNS on my services page and even though the nameservers are set correctly, the status still shows as invalid and I can no way to update the nameservers.




  • RotBlitzRotBlitz Posts: 132 Red Ribbon
    edited June 14

    Can it be that the service expired, and you forgot to renew it? No matter what, we other users are not in the position to help you. You better contact support.

  • Michael.R.Taylor-OracleMichael.R.Taylor-Oracle Posts: 252 Employee
    edited June 15

    Hi @7d4064ab-e8db-4fe7-8e25-0dd42a25418b,

    Are you still experiencing issues? Standard DNS is showing no incidents for the 13th, and is properly running at present. You can find details to its status at under "domain services"

    As Rotblitz said, it could be a subscription expiration or your renewal failed. In either case if you have not contacted support already, please reach out to them for assistance with your account subscriptions. If you have, please feel free to share your ticket number with me and I can follow up with support on your behalf.


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