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I have following WCC custom requirement from customer

Raj Hukkeri-Oracle
Raj Hukkeri-Oracle Member Posts: 2 Employee
edited Jun 27, 2020 7:20PM in WebCenter Content

Dependent field "CHILD"  must be changed to a mandatory field when parent field "PARENT"= ‘x’, Otherwise,  "CHILD" field should be an optional field.

I tried  the following in Profile Rule Side Effects but its not working.

<$subCat = getFieldViewDisplayValue("xSubCategory", "vw_subcategory", "Research and Discovery")$>

<$if not subCat  like "" and subCat like "Research and Discovery" $>

<$xIndexType:isRequired="1", xIndexType:requiredMsg = "Please select Index Type"$>




I think this piece of code is executed only once when the checkin page is loaded. This piece of code need to be executed when the user selects a value in the parent dropdown.

So I am trying to find alternate options to address the requirement.