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Where I can download the FMW_SOA suite full version?

Mr.Enzo Member Posts: 13
edited Jun 25, 2020 3:40AM in SOA Suite Discusssions

Presentation & context :

Hi there,

I'm on the middle of a migration, my assigned task it's to view how to migrate certain composite

mostly bpm ones but some have some bpel mixed up, the point it's most of them got a

replace property to avoid collision of service uri between versions and enviroment all this run

some setted ant properties in a specific centralized folder.

Now actually all this it's implemented in 11.x.x.x version and the structure of my folder

after installed everything contains a folder named Oracle_SOA1 (I know it's a name we choose) but

after installed all the component of the available pack I'm not asked even

suggested how to create that folder, my thought it's that all this folder is replaced

by soa folder in version 12.x.x.x . But this folder lacks most of the libs and folders from the full version in the quick start release.


Actually in my 12 version. I've installed and configured.

Oracle Soa Suite Quick Start (In two files separeted)

Oracle BPM Quick Start (In two files separeted)



Database compatible with the previous touls based on the compatibility file.

I've already use the rcu to populate tables and create a domain of soa tools

but it doesn't have much relationship.


So I've been looking for a full release that let me create this folder

to make a more easier comparation of files, structured that differs from

the 11c version. All the ways seems to lead me to .

Pictures of the tools installed :

11.x.x.x version :

Full soa version, jdeveloper (and extensions for soa, spring , and bpm), weblogic with, patch of soa , domain created. + database 11.2.x.x

** Oracle_SOA1 complete with subfolder and libs, modules used for the ant script.


Oracle_soa1.png :

Quick start soa, jdeveloper, weblogic + database


** soa folder  with some subfolder and libs, modules.


By the way there are some folder in the pictures presented that are not from the 12c

version they are from the 11c release, but I've  mixed-up those  trying to understand

wich libraries are require and folder as well when using ant by using and deleting filles to

obtain a list of folders and libs required for ant, due to a the amount it would take me into

look for all the scripts used and trying to make a direct connection. I know it's not the right approach

but it seems to be working, anyways suggest are welcome always.

The specific question it would be there it's another space where to download the full version for this release and

not the quick start for the release?. Hope makes myself clear.  Thanks by advance.



  • Martien van den Akker
    Martien van den Akker Member Posts: 2,777 Bronze Crown
    edited Jun 25, 2020 3:40AM

    HI Mr. Enzo,

    TO start: you don't have to install both SOA Quickstart and BPM Quickstart and separate JDeveloper. Since you have BPM processes, you can do with only a BPM Quickstart. Both quickstarts are based on a regular JDeveloper, so you won't need a separate one. Altough you might want it to have a setup that is lighter.

    But BPM Quickstart has all the functionality of SOA Quickstart, but with BPM added. BPM is build on top of SOA Suite. So the BPM Quickstart has all the SOA and BPM designers, but also OSB.

    Then to install a server side SOA Suite, you have to install in this order:

    1. Oracle dabase 12c+ (for DB19c, you need FMW
    2. FMW Infrastructure (Weblogic with FMW additions, amongst others the base RCU)
    3. SOA Suite, with the BPM option. SOA Suite and BPM are bundled in the same installer, but there is a separate option to include BPM during the install. Install this in the same home as FMW Infra.
    4. If you need OSB in the same domain, install that too.
    5. Run the RCU.
    6. Read this blog: and especially the one it refers to. To deside upon the Server Groups needed in the domain creation.
    7. Create the domain.

    I have a vagrant project: t that also refers to scripts to install the different components and also to install and configure the domain.

    Notice that the installation and configuration of 12.2.1.x is very different than that of 11g.

    You can download all the components from

    Kind regards,