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Backup of a database on a Compute Instance (OCI)

djwest Member Posts: 30 Blue Ribbon

We have a database on a compute instance.

I need to back it up.

I cannot shutdown the database for long enough to do a backup (OCI backup)

I would like to do a  RMAN backup., preferably to Object Storage.

Easy enough with a DB System or Bare Metal , follow the documentation ( )

I can't see how to config the compute instance with the RMAN backup service  

  Step 2 in the DB system says


Change to the directory that contains the backup module opc_install.jar file.

cd /opt/oracle/oak/pkgrepos/oss/odbcs"

But obviously there is no such directory on the compute instance.

Any ideas ?

I could back up the db to the FRA and then use the OCI backup to take it to Object Storage ,... but I'd like the option