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vm manager ldap TLSv1.0

3889169 Member Posts: 1

I know the answer is "it isn't supported, & you shouldn't do it". but.  Is there a way to get vm manger to connect to an LDAP server that only supports TLSv1.0?

I tried setting startup options for admin server, but that appears to not to anything (because Node Manager isn't used?).

I java system property using JAVA_OPTIONS & had using ps -ef I could see the arguments passed to java included those AND TLSv1.2.  It didn't matter where in the options TLSv1.0 was - before or after v.12 - I still had the error.<br/>

I grepped through the whole install directly for TLSv1.2 & found some unlikely matches & even tried those in desperation - of course that didn't work.

Am I missing something stupid?

Using this insecure protocol is only necessary for a short time & is a "something is better than nothing" thing.

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