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Discoverer Plus/Viewer not working A connection error. - Attempt 1. CORBA protocol : 0 of 1 proces

User_3LS60 Member Posts: 30 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 24, 2020 7:57AM in Discoverer


Initializing ORB...

ORB initialized successfully.

Checking for Discoverer "ServicesStatus"...

"ServicesStatus" is running.

Checking the adminstrator set soft limit on no. of sessions ...

Current value of soft limit = 100 sessions.

Hint: Administrators can increase the soft limit on Discoverer sessions by modifying

"//ias-component[id='Discoverer_asinst_1']/process-type[id='SessionServer']/process-set/@maxprocs" attribute in the file /opt/mis/apps/oraApps/BIOMN/middleware/asinst_1/config/OPMN/opmn/opmn.xml

Checking for Discoverer Preference Server component...

Found Discoverer Preference Server component.

Binding to Discoverer Server...

0 of 1 processes started.

java.lang.Exception: 0 of 1 processes started.

        at oracle.disco.diagnostics.OPMNHelper.checkSession(Unknown Source)

        at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.bindToServer(Unknown Source)

        at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.checkOPMN(Unknown Source)

        at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.checkDiscoverer(Unknown Source)

        at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.main(Unknown Source)

Error: Failed to bind to Discoverer Server.


Checking that the machine has only one network card...



  • sbeck-Oracle
    sbeck-Oracle Member Posts: 116 Employee
    edited Jun 24, 2020 7:57AM

    Please log a Service Request with Oracle Support.  If the Discoverer server is install on the same machine as E-Business Suite, the EBS environment variables could be the cause.  If using EBS, the full EBS version will also be needed.  If this is Plus, please supply the Java console from the client PC as well as the full java version on the PC.  Also needed are the wls_disco.log, wls_disco-diagnostic.log, and ohs1.log file.  Support will need to know the 5 digit version of Discoverer, the Patch level (opatch lsinventory).