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My analysis will not pick up null values

User_E8G27 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon


I am trying to filter out Expense Accounts (2000 - 2999) and only include assets which are depreciating using Asset nominal accounts (6000-6999) and null nominal accounts (ones where assets are selected to do not depreciate).

When I use a Case statement (attached), the formula will not pick up that the value (the nominal) is null and therefore the account remains blank. This means when I am trying to filter to exclude expense accounts, it is also hiding the null accounts as there isn't a value.

If I use the suggestion to go into column properties > data format and change the blank nominal accounts to 0, when I try and filter to not include expense accounts (NOT BETWEEN 2000 and 2999), it hides all null (0) account values too.

Has anyone faced this issue before:

1) How do I get the query to understand that there are null values so I can populate null values with a 0?

2) How do I filter out the expense accounts but keep null values of the 'do not depreciate' accounts showing and not hidden when filtering?

Many Thanks,