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Oracle Database 12c Unified Auditing integration with AT&T Cyber Security (AlienVault USM)


We run an environment that uses Oracle Database 12c (standard edition) and we also run AT&T Cyber Security USM (AlienVault USM) and at the moment the Oracle Databases are not shipping audit data to the USM.  We are exploring options to have our Databases integrated within our USM (SIEM).

The DBA team has implemented Unified Auditing within the databases and are utilising some of the advanced auditing and logging capabilities of it.  Our research so far indicates that Unified Auditing on Database 12c doesn't support SYSLOG, apparently, it does support SYSLOG in Oracle Database 18c / 19c.

AlienVault supports SYSLOG for log consumption but it looks look Oracle Database 12c's implementation of Unified Auditing doesn't - really keen to know whether anyone has had any success with implementing Unified Auditing on Database 12c and getting logs to integrate using SYSLOG for the purpose of integrating with a SIEM / USMe

Any advice or experience anyone has had would be great.