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Dynamic DNS Issue or VPN/Firewall Issue?

edited Jul 9, 2020 2:01PM in Dyn Community

Good morning.  After yesterday's fiasco with Frontier and their DNS Servers, my connection to a work server via dynamic-dns seems to not function like it used to prior to the frontier mess.  My normal set up is that I use a VPN client to connect (sonicwall).  My home ip address scheme is a scheme and the network i connect to is scheme.   When I use the dynamic-dns address (for example it does not resolve to the ip address from the ISP.  However, when I type in the actual ip address it connects just fine.  Also, I USED  to be able to surf web and connect to exchange server (not on same network as the above firewall) while simultaneously connected to the VPN.  I can no longer do that.  As soon as i disconnect from VPN, I can surf.  Anyway, not sure if this is a VPN/firewall issue or a dynamic dns issue.  Thanks in advance for your help.