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Dynamic DNS Issue or VPN/Firewall Issue?

Good morning.  After yesterday's fiasco with Frontier and their DNS Servers, my connection to a work server via dynamic-dns seems to not function like it used to prior to the frontier mess.  My normal set up is that I use a VPN client to connect (sonicwall).  My home ip address scheme is a scheme and the network i connect to is scheme.   When I use the dynamic-dns address (for example   dynamicdns.myserver.org it does not resolve to the ip address from the ISP.  However, when I type in the actual ip address it connects just fine.  Also, I USED  to be able to surf web and connect to exchange server (not on same network as the above firewall) while simultaneously connected to the VPN.  I can no longer do that.  As soon as i disconnect from VPN, I can surf.  Anyway, not sure if this is a VPN/firewall issue or a dynamic dns issue.  Thanks in advance for your help.



  • RotBlitzRotBlitz Posts: 148 Red Ribbon
    edited July 2020

    I suggest you visit your account control panel to once manually update the IP address for your dynamicdns.myserver.org hostname.  I expect that your problems have gone then.

  • Thank you for the suggestion, the account control panel already displays the correct ip address.

  • RotBlitzRotBlitz Posts: 148 Red Ribbon
    edited July 2020

    What kind of update client do you run?  If it is software on the computer where you also operate the VPN client, then this may update your hostname with the IP address of the VPN as long as VPN connection is established, which would be wrong.  Do not run an updater with the VPN together, or configure static routes for the destinations the update client is using.

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