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Oracle flexcube 12 : where to insert Swift MT 103 TAG conditional controls or regular expressions.

Saddok_BADR Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 22, 2020 6:57AM in General FLEXCUBE Questions


We are using Flexcube 12 and we need to know where to insert the conditional controls for produced SWIFTs.

The MSDMSGTM screen let us insert/update tags but is there a way to control the produced SWIFT syntaxe?

For example this is SWIFT tag 23B in  MT103.

Let's say it's a new format or rule in SWIFT ALLIANCE.



Bank Operation Code


We have to update our FLEXCUBE SWIFT MT103 23B tag.

so in order to get this message conform to new SWIFT ALLIANCE Norm we need to add this '4!c' expression to our FLEXCUBE SWIFT.

My question is how to add these regular expressions to our Flexcube SWIFTs TAGs?

And does Flexcube control syntaxe when we save or generate a swift message? for example it will show error that one tag has error or message is not conform and has to be changed to be accepted?

Thanks for your precious help dear community.