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EM 13.4 - Patches and Updates

Eduardo Ferrari
Eduardo Ferrari Member Posts: 14 Green Ribbon
edited Jul 8, 2020 1:01PM in Enterprise Manager

I am still learning about Enterprise Manager and I would like to know what's exactly the job that refreshes the list of recommended patches in a daily basis?

In addition, I wanted to understand how does it process the results? I have 3 databases and they have the Grid Infrastructure (standalone) and the Database 12.2 installed. The patch recommendation screen it is showing some patches that were "technically" applied but still show on the list. One of the examples is the GI JAN 2020 Release It shows not applied on the db_home but this is technically for the GI home. Maybe there's a setup issue on my target?

Other patch that is showing as required but it was applied it is the 31030882 on the EM Server. I confirmed it was applied and even shows on the opatch inventory but the list keeps showing as needed.


Eduardo Ferrari


  • Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle
    Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle Posts: 590 Employee
    edited Jul 8, 2020 11:43AM


    Verify if your MOS daily jobs are getting executed? There were changes done to the system recently starting May' 20 due to which these were not running.

    Doc ID 2678494.1 - Patch Now Available For Recent Changes to MOS That Disabled Enterprise Manager Online Connections

    If they are running fine, try to perform the following:

    + Manually run the 'Refresh Home Configuration' :

       Manually run the 'Refresh Home Configuration' job.

        Click on the 'host' home page (on the host machine where the Database which was patched resides)

        Click on 'host' (drop down menu)/related targets

        This will show all the 'Oracle Home' target types and the name of the Oracle Home and it's location.

        Click on the Oracle Home (of the database where the patch was applied)

        This will drill down to the Oracle home page

        Click on 'refresh configuration'

        When the job has completed, the new patches should be shown in the 'patches applied' tab on the Oracle Home 'homepage'.

    + Create a new 'Refresh from My Oracle Support' job as follows :

        Manually run the 'Refresh from My Oracle Support' job

        Go to Enterprise/Job/Activity

        Create Job: Change the 'OS command' drop down box, to 'Refresh from My Oracle Support'

        Click on 'Go'

        Give the Job a name for example 'ManualMOSrefresh'

        Click on Submit

        Check that the job completes Ok

    Best Regards,


    Eduardo Ferrari
  • Eduardo Ferrari
    Eduardo Ferrari Member Posts: 14 Green Ribbon
    edited Jul 8, 2020 1:01PM

    Thanks, I actually did apply that patch you mentioned. I will look at the jobs again but they all seem to be running fine now.

    Other question related to this as well, how do you actually push the updates to the Systems tab on MOS? Which job does that?