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Dyndns looses connection to IP Cams

edited Jul 14, 2020 8:50AM in Dyn Community

I have 20+ cam going through my dyndns host account, use to be fine but something strange happens now...

I can connect all cams through ip cam pro on my s10 and works for a day or two then you loose connection to all cams? if i go direct to the ip address all works find and does not loose connection, so what have changed @ dyndns to cause this to happen, any help please.

DynDNS Pro and Host Services account. I have had this account for over 12years!

Thanks Dave.


  • RotBlitz
    RotBlitz Member Posts: 149 Red Ribbon
    edited Jul 14, 2020 7:25AM

    I'm not aware of a related change at Oracle/Dyn regarding the DynDNS Pro service unless you have a D-Link account.

    It seems the IP address information for your hostnames goes out of sync.  Do you run update clients covering all of your hostnames?  Check their logs to see if they behave correctly.

    Dyndns looses connection to IP CamsI have 20+ cam going through my dyndns host account

    Hardly.  No traffic ever goes through your account, never.  And Dyn never connects to your cams.  This is not how DNS works.  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.

  • Michael.R.Taylor-Oracle
    Michael.R.Taylor-Oracle Posts: 255 Employee
    edited Jul 14, 2020 8:50AM

    Hi @ad9486c5-6ac6-4110-a6bb-6e3eb3d1cd4f,

    As Rotblitz has said, no changes have happened on the Dyn DNS side of things that would cause this. Is there a second update client running on the network that might be causing issues?


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