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Giving up on Linux and adopting Solaris for 'serious' server applications



  • Oqelu
    Oqelu Member Posts: 69 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 7, 2022 12:14PM
    You will not be able to upgrade from Solaris 11.3 to 11.4.
    You would have to install 11.4 afresh, and overwrite entire disk of 11.3.
    There I explain Image Packaging System (IPS), Support Repository Updates (SRU):

    What do you mean you can not get IPS of 11.3?
    Do you mean you intend to copy IPS onto your local disk?
    Usually Oracle does publish both installers: of OS, an of packages to store and install from locally.
    You also can connect to their repository on the internet by pkg(), or graphical packagemanager() (will obsolete, as I mention in the link).

    OLTPE is wrong. Solaris IPS is not off-limits to non-paying users.
    Only some intermediate Support Repository Updates (SRU) are.
    That is why you can not upgrade 11.3 to 11.4. I think this is a mistake. Oracle fails to correct it.

    Solaris is not stable. Its weakest part is ZFS.
    I was able to restore it from ruins only using my own program.
    zpool scrub does not repair anything. It simply marks the disk degraded, or unusable. This makes the disaster worse.
    Right now it again says my file system is bad. Does not repair.
    See the links, and other comments of mine.

    I do respect the history of Solaris.
    But Oracle does not not.
    They also do not respect users.
    I explained how.

  • User51642 Yong Huang
    User51642 Yong Huang Houston, TXMember Posts: 183 Bronze Badge

    I don't know if the weakest part of Solaris is ZFS. We've been using ZFS ever since we bought Exadata, almost ten years ago. It never had any failure or crash. Our team stopped using our last Solaris server probaby around the same time.

    I consider Solaris a failure in terms of OS user base, even though I fully appreciate its past glory. (I spent about 6 months reading Jim Mauro, Richard McDougall's Solaris Internals 1st ed. because I loved this OS, and wrote the first program that measures process I/O called topio. Nowaways people use Guillaume Chazarain's iotop instead.) Solaris's failure is a pain to me personally.

  • Oqelu
    Oqelu Member Posts: 69 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 7, 2022 2:56PM
    If you discarded Solaris 10 yeas ago, then you do not use it with ZFS.
    You use some other operating system. That system may not be bad with ZFS.
    ZFS in itself is not weak. It is the operating system that may implement it wrong.
    Solaris failed even to document how to recover from severe corruption. My comment about option -X:
  • User51642 Yong Huang
    User51642 Yong Huang Houston, TXMember Posts: 183 Bronze Badge

    It took me a second read to see what you mean. I considered ZFS as part of Solaris, which was true but not any more. We're using ZFS connected to our Exadata servers only. I'm pretty sure our ZFS server runs Solaris at the OS level but we don't have access to it. That's another annoyance, like making ordinary folks happy by providing them with MS Windows but rejecting any OS level access.

  • Oqelu
    Oqelu Member Posts: 69 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 11, 2022 9:35PM
    You do not know what operating system there is.
    It may be Windows. New versions of it do operate ZFS.

    Alas, you should not hope for Solaris there.
    Solaris has bugs not only with ZFS, but also with obsessive swap:

    Your nostalgia for community of users of Solaris is ill founded.
    Everything dies. Sometimes something else grows good.
    Often ugly. Even at same place:
    Oracle instigates bad behaviour. Often, even their staff write such evil nonsense. In my previous links you may find so. For example, about POP.
    That is how community is gone. Because company of Oracle is bad. - No accountability of staff.

    Last month I reported to Oracle that download of source code of Solaris 11.4 does not work.
    Source code of any system is missing the core: kernel, drivers.
    Without reason, Oracle removed many drivers in Solaris 11.4. You can not restore them from source code.
    Nonchalant staff, that is responsible for downloads, shook me off. Referred to another staff at Although, those are not responsible for downloads.
    It may be that they were confused by my report of bug of obsessive swap. That may indeed belong with "support".
    But I doubt this. Because they did not specify why refer.
    There is nobody to check staff. Maybe they are supposed to check one another. But that does not work, because many are bad alike.

    Many choose operating system made by volunteers, free. Their idea is not to pay to greedy makers.
    But voluntary make does not preclude greed. It still begs, and receives money as donation. Then pay does not depend on quality. They are interested even to reverse quality, and only consume money.
    Solaris became free too. Less greedy. Greedy still. As they eliminate some free software, in order to sell. See my link to story about POP.
    I chose Solaris for the opposite assumption: company should impose order, continuity, promote competent, eliminate stupid. Rogue volunteers would not grab, and abuse power.
    For a while Sun kept order. They even assigned staff to work with me to update to new version missing driver asy. Maybe they were embarrassed that for years they missed such basic driver.
    But Oracle behaves even worse than voluntary makers. Not embarrassed by anything.
    I wonder: did old good staff of Sun disappear? Did Oracle expel them?
    Quality of any make does not depend on type of maker. It depends on type of people.

    To be, or not to be. - That is the question.
    Perhaps, some users keep using Solaris not because of benefit, but because they are custom to it.
    They feel, as if they own it. - Possession.