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ASO Alternate Hierarcy

User_BOR4G Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon
edited September 2020 in Essbase On-Premise

Hello All,

I have a requirement, where I need to automate the Measures Dims which has alternate Hierarchy.

when loading the dim without ALT hierarchy its working fine, but when I try to use the ALT hierarchy,

the members in the main hierarchy getting deleted and created as Stored members in ALT.


  • User_BOR4G
    User_BOR4G Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon
    edited August 2020

    Can anyone please help me with this.

  • Chad_Alexander
    Chad_Alexander Member Posts: 107 Red Ribbon
    edited September 2020

    Have you set the members in the ALT hierarchy to be Shared Members?  Sounds like you may have the ALT Hierarchy members set as stored members, so the system thinks the ALT Hierarchy is the primary hierarchy, thus overwriting the primary hierarchy.

    You can also set up the Dimension Build Settings to "Merge" so that members don't get deleted/removed.  It sounds like you have "remove unspecified" currently selected - if your ALT hierarchy does not have all of the same member as the primary hierarchy, you will want to set the ALT Hierarchy load rule to "merge" so that members aren't removed.  Same goes for the Primary Hierarchy - if it does not contain all of the same members as the ALT Hierarchy, it will remove those members when you rebuild it if it's not set to "merge." 

  • DavZar
    DavZar Member Posts: 8 Blue Ribbon

    Define separate LR for loading the alt hierarchy.

    Merge should solve the member removing problem, it's relevant to both rules.

    for main hierarchy LR the "Allow moves" check box should be checked

    for alt hierarchy LR "Allow moves" and "Do not share" check boxes should be unchecked .

    You will still have issue if you need to move member in ALT hierarchy to the new parent. It could be solved manually or using some third party utilities

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