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Workaround to discover Exadata Machine X8-2 M on OEM 13.3

R0R0 Member Posts: 9
edited August 2020 in Enterprise Manager

Hi All,

Does anyone know a workaround to discover the Exadata X8-2M on OEM version 13.3?

This isn't supported, but I was hoping to find out if someone has actually done it & if they have a workaround they can share with me.


- Divine


  • Nishant Baurai
    Nishant Baurai Member Posts: 215
    edited August 2020

    If Agents are alreday deployed on compute nodes you can use emcli on OMS host to add targets manually. following is an example of adding cisco switch.

    ./emcli add_target -name="" -type="oracle_si_netswitch" -host="" -access_point_name="" -access_point_type="oracle_si_switch_cisco_ios" -properties='dispatch.url=ios-ssh://' -subseparator=properties='=' -monitoring_cred='cisco_creds_set;oracle_si_switch_cisco_ios;cisco_creds;username:admin;userpass:******;privpass:******' -monitoring_cred='snmp_v1v2_v3;oracle_si_switch_cisco_ios;SNMPV1Creds;COMMUNITY:public'

  • R0R0
    R0R0 Member Posts: 9
    edited August 2020


    I think you misunderstood my request.

    Exadata X8M-2 discovery is only supported on OEM version 13.4.x & up. My question was whether anyone found a workaround to get these machines discovered on the lower version of OEM, 13.3.x.

    - Divine

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