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OSB11g Project - deployment folders in WebLogic Managed server & Can we make a specific OSB project

riswanb Member Posts: 23
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I've a 3 OSB project,  First project contain one main proxy with JMS protocol, and other two OSB projects contains local proxies which would be called from the First project main JMS proxy.

1) OSBProjectOne - Main proxy interface with JMS protocol.

2) OSBProjectTwo - Local proxies. This would be called from Main proxy interface available in OSBProjectOne based on the service id available in input payload.

3) OSBProjectThree - Local proxies. This would be called from Main proxy interface available in OSBProjectOne based on the service id available in input payload.

WebLogic OSBDomain Topology:  OSBDomain with 1 Admin Server and two Managed Servers(MS1,MS2). Both Managed servers under Cluster configuration.

OSB 11g.

Could you please advise about the below queries:

1)  When we deploy these above mentioned three OSB projects through SBConsole, how it is getting deployed into WebLogic Server? please advise what are the folder names in WL where projects getting deployed. And, what are the config files getting updated as part of this SBConsole deployment.

- I found OSB Projects getting copied as it is to OSBDomain/osb/config/core, OSBDomain/osb/config/MS1, OSBDomain/osb/config/MS2 .

- _ALSB files with .ear reference is getting created in OSBDomain/sbconfig folder, the same can be found in WL server deployments list.

If you could provide input about complete deployment folders and config files update, that would be really helpful to understand.

2) Can I delete "OSBProjectTwo " alone from ManagedServer1(MS1) and is there any possibility to make run OSBProjectTwo always getting executed/handled by ManagedServer2(MS2) ?

3) OSBDomain/config/config.xml file, will it contains entries for every OSB projects deployment, please confirm. Kindly shed light on both config.xml and plan.xml configuraiton files to better understand the WL servcer OSB project deployment process.

Please advise.



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  • Martien van den Akker
    Martien van den Akker Member Posts: 2,776 Bronze Crown
    edited Jul 29, 2020 5:06AM

    Hi Riswan,

    I got these kinds of questions more often. But its kind of weird, because normally it means that you have an interface requirement, based on old-school principles. Maybe even a single threaded batch job. Most often it is even a point-to-point interface. I once came up with an own word for it: . But, this is to be implemented in a highly scalable, super-fast, multi-threaded, modern integration platform.

    These requirements also often come from the fear of messages taken over by other messages that should be processed in sequence. For instance, once I had to process HR records for employees. You cannot do a fire-record or a change of role record, before the on-boarding record for a certain employee. But records for different employees can be processed in parallel, and it is no problem if a record for one employee takes over the record for another.

    To solve that, is to process all the records into the database, and have a database adapter select only those that has no other record with status "in process" for the same employee.

    I would highly recommend re-think your requirements to transform them to a situation that you can leverage the multi-threading capabilities of OSB.

    To answer your actual questions: OSB services are published to an OSB System, that consist of multiple servers in a cluster. You can't actually deploy a service to only one particular server.

    What you can do is:

    Kind regards,