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WebLogic 12.2.13: Session sharing among multiple clusters

User_DRD8H Member Posts: 4 Red Ribbon

Hi all,

we are using WebLogic 12.2.13 to deploy our applications. Our test installation consists of a VM running the AdminServer and two more VMs running the Managed Servers.

Managed Servers are grouped to clusters, each cluster consists of two Managed Servers (one per VM).

Applications are deployed as war files, each to one cluster.

There exist an OHS too, serving all applications and forwarding (with a webgate) the user to login (whenever accessing a protected resource) through an OAM.

What we need is to share the session among all applications regardless the cluster they are deployed in.

For example

Access Application A (running in ClusterA) ->Login and Create Session through OAM->Make changes to session in Application A (e.g. a theme) -> Goto Application B (running in ClusterB)

without relogin and have session changes available to Application B too.

Is there a way to achieve this?

It seems that if we want to have session sharing we need to have <sharing-enabled>true</sharing-enabled> in our weblogic.xml.

But this is not enough. Session must be accessible from all managed Servers. <persistent-store-type>replicated-if-clustered</persistent-store-type> in weblogic.xml makes

session to be replicated to another Managed server in the replicated group (not in all managed servers).

We don not want to use JDBC for persistence. Is there a way to achieve this? Is Coherence cluster the solution? Where may we find a possible setup?

We setup coherence but we get session errors.