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how remove all targets under a host using OEM console?

4179715 Member Posts: 4
edited August 2020 in Enterprise Manager

I would like to get the detailed steps about how remove all targets under a host using OEM console.

Thank you for your precious help.

Christian Gohmann


  • Markus Flechtner
    Markus Flechtner Member Posts: 501 Bronze Trophy
    edited August 2020

    1. Navigate to the host you want to remove

    2. Navigate to "Host -> Target Setup -> Remove Target"

    3. If there are dependent targets on this host, OEM will show a list

    4. For each of these targets: navigate to the target and then to "Target Setup -> Remove Target" in order to remove the target

    5. If there are no dependent targets anymore, you can remove the host

    As far as I remember, the agent which is running on this host must be removed separately (Setup -> Manage Cloud Control -> Agents)



    Christian Gohmann
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