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How to default the value of a DFF segment based on value of another segment

Anil Khavate
Anil Khavate Member Posts: 10 Green Ribbon


We have configured two segments in a DFF. The 1st segment is configured to capture Person Number whereas the 2nd segment is configured to capture grade of that person. Please refer to the attachment for reference. What we are trying to achieve is when a value is selected with a Person Number in the 1st DFF segment then grade of that employee should automatically get defaulted in the 2nd DFF segment that is Grade field. To achieve this, we have used below SQL in the "Default Value" field in the definition of the 2nd DFF segment. But this configuration not helping to default the grade in the Grade field.

select g.grade_code from per_grades_f g, per_all_people_f ppl, per_all_assignments_m asg

where ppl.person_number=:{SEGMENT.Employee_WWID}

and ppl.person_id = asg.person_id

and g.grade_id = asg.grade_id

and trunc(sysdate) between ppl.effective_start_date and ppl.effective_end_date

and trunc(sysdate) between asg.effective_start_date and asg.effective_end_date

Any pointer to achieve this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you