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How to Bulk update the Assessment Template Answers using REST API

Hi All,

We have requirement to update the Assessment template Answers using a REST API. We are using VBCS as a UI to show the OSC assessment templates and user can answer the questions in VBCS and then we need to Update the answers in OSC. To achieve this I am using below REST API connection and request body but I am getting error

Applying List binding LOV_AttributeValueId with given set of values leads to no matching row for a row of type :AssessAnswerGroupsEO_AssessmentAnswer_AssessAnswerGroupVOToAssessmentAnswerVO_AssessmentAnswerVO, key oracle.jbo.Key[



even though the attribute Value Id I am passing is valid

REST Connection: https:/<hostname>/crmRestApi/resources/


    "AssessmentAnswer": [


            "AnswerId": 300000170345230,

            "AttributeValueId": 300000171245992




            "AnswerId": 300000170345231,

            "AttributeValueId": 300000171245997





We have around 15 question in an Assessment. We need to pass all the answers in a Single payload. For Testing, I was just trying with 2 question but still it is not working with Above payload.

Any help is appreciated.