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Unable to find operation: null

3252730 Member Posts: 2
edited Aug 19, 2020 5:37AM in SOA Suite Discusssions


       I create a component (BPEL) in SOA. Test it successful as manual process. Fail when invoke from SyteLine/St procedure --> Error: Unable to find operation: null.

       I don't have any input payload and cannot tell what wrong. Please share your thoughts and experiences. BTW, apply the doc 2402086.1 solution but still...





  • Martien van den Akker
    Martien van den Akker Member Posts: 2,776 Bronze Crown
    edited Aug 19, 2020 5:37AM


    It seems that there is a missmatch between what SyteLine/St expects as a WSDL and the WSDL you implemented in the SOA Component.

    I don't know SyteLine/St, but googling it it seems that it is an ERP system. Did  you build the WSDL your self or did you use a WSDL prescribed by SyteLine?

    You write:

    Test it successful as manual process.

    Have you tested it using SoapUI? If not, I would suggest to do so first. SoapUI will log neatly the loading of all the WSDL artefacts (including all the imported xsds etc.).

    And you can check if it actually can invoke.

    The error:

    Error: Unable to find operation: null.

    Does it come from SyteLine/St? Can you post the complete message text? If from the log: could you post a set of lines before and after as well, to see the context?

    This can help to locate the source of the message.

    Kind regards,