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Migration of Standard DNS to

edited Aug 25, 2020 7:45AM in Dyn Community

Several months ago I got the email about expiry of Standard DNS and migration of my domain registration to

That went fine, my domain registration is now in, and at present Standard DNS is still managing my DNS based on a dynamic IP updated by client (I think, the IP is still correct so I assume the client is still doing its job).

Originally I was under the impression that I would need to upgrade to DynDNS Pro to retain dynamic DNS capability once Standard DNS was ended (fortunately it has been extended to 2022, but is now billing monthly, which doesn't really suit me), but as far as I can tell I cannot use my own domain name with DynDNS Pro, only a Dyn domain name. So upgrading to Pro is actually a downgrade?

The suggestion to migrate to Oracle DNS seems to be a red herring because it is a completely different package aimed at enterprises not me, and doesn't seem to have a dynamic DNS option. (is this actually a subsidiary of DYN/Oracle?) includes DNS with the domain registration, but presently offers no dynamic DNS and whilst they said they were hoping to introduce it soon back in April, there is no indication of a time line or whether this is an empty promise.

So what am I supposed to do?

Do I move my DNS to and hope my IP doesn't change very often before they come up with a dynamic DNS option, if they ever do?

Do I stick with standard DNS billing monthly until either Dyn decide not to scrap it, or come up with a dynamic DNS service?

Do I abandon Dyn (who I used to be very happy with) and find a new Dynamic DNS provider and link it to my domain?

Do I migrate my domain to somewhere that offers dynamic DNS?

Did I mention that my domain email which was originally through Dyn was already migrated to Duocircle, so I need to be able to keep my domain pointing at their MX servers whatever else happens.

This is frankly a nightmare, I originally bought into an all in one place provider to keep things simple, and now I am dealing with 3 different providers as Dyn/Oracle have split their business up.

Is it even moral or legal for Dyn to retain the Dyn name if they are stopping providing Dynamic DNS which was the whole reason for the name in the first place?

How have others in a similar position dealt with this migration?



  • RotBlitz
    RotBlitz Member Posts: 149 Red Ribbon
    edited Aug 25, 2020 7:45AM

    What you apparently need is a Dynamic DNS service for your domain registered at  The options I can see are:

    • You can wait for (not a subsidiary of DYN/Oracle) supporting Dynamic DNS before Standard DNS expires.
    • You can wait for Oracle OCI DNS supporting Dynamic DNS some day before Standard DNS expires or is extended.
    • You can move to any other DNS hosting service now or later which supports Dynamic DNS (there are even free ones!).

    It's solely your decision which nobody else can make for you.  Good luck!