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Problem with Isolated Replicas - OUD


Our office is configuring OUD isolated replicas (OUD version, and are finding that although we set the "untrusted" flag on the replicas (according to the documentation), when we update OUD on the isolated replicas, the changes are being passed through to the other replica servers. Is this a known issue, or has anyone encountered this problem before?  I've been unable to find any useful information on this in the Oracle knowledge base (even the archived articles).  Note: we are currently using the older version, because that's the current baseline. It is being upgraded in the near future.

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  • User_VPG4W
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    Update: this issue appears to be resolved. We reviewed the documentation carefully, and determined that the isolated replication servers had to be configured as directory servers first (in the OUD admin gui, they show as just "directory server" or "directory server/replication server." Systems that are only replication servers prior to being configured as isolated replicas will have their updates accepted by the other servers in the topology, even if their status is listed as "untrusted" when running the dsreplication status command.