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Uploading list of Hub Administrator Accounts in OIA

User_7ANNM Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

Hello Team,

We are using OIA Mobile app for specific set of users and we need to create Hub account for everyone. Is there any standard approach to load a list of Account values into OIA Hub.




  • Brad Tuckett-Oracle
    Brad Tuckett-Oracle Moderator Posts: 638 Employee
    edited September 2020

    There are REST APIs for administrating the Intelligent Advisor Hub, including creating users.  See

    Brad Tuckett, Intelligent Advisor team

  • Richard Napier
    Richard Napier Member Posts: 208 Silver Badge
    edited January 14

    I'm a bit late but I have used the following to automate the process of doing this in larger volumes

    1) Create a Postman Collection that has one REST request to your IA hub, to create a user. Replace the request with variables so that you are creating a template.

    2) Create a CSV file using the same variable names as headers and fill the file with the users to be created. Obviously in my little example, I am not populating all the attributes but you get the idea.

    3) Use Postman Collection Runner to execute the Collection with your CSV file. It will automatically iterate N times for the N users in the file.

    You will need to provide in the Postman Collection either a valid authentication token or you can write a Postman script to get the token for you, further automating the process.

    Of course you can go much further than that - automate it via a command line with Newman and Node.js, or schedule it with Jenkins so it runs nightly, weekly or whatever you need, and get an email when the job is finished.

    Although it was not on the same topic (I was writing about Continuous Delivery) I wrote a five part series investigating using these tools (Postman, Runner, Newman, Jenkins) with Intelligent Advisor. It might be helpful if you want to look more deeply into it, or uncover some of the challenges along the way. You can find the article that starts the series here :

    Hopefully you can find the right balance of cost / reward in the solutions proposed.

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