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proper way to restore data without replication update.

I have the problem of servers built without time sync.  They are running OUD 12csp3.

I am in the process of getting timesync turned on

( this is brackground info - but does not pertain the the question )

question:.   I want to be able to restore the data from a backup ( export-ldif ).  But I do not want

the replication server to add any changes that occured after the backup.  The backup is an

ldif and has all the operational attr included.  this is a replicated env and can have anywhere from

2 to 8 servers in replication

so I have tried this and it seems to work.  I want confirmation that this is acceptable ( and will not

cause problems down the road ).

I have shutdown all servers

for each server, I have deleted the changelog db files

then did the import-ldif. when I started up the servers.  I got no errors

and replication works.


Backup command: oud_home/bin/export-ldif -h $hostname -p $admin_port -D "cn=Directory Manager" -j $pwd_file  \

   -X --includeBranch $baseDN --backendID $backend_id \

    --ldifFile  $instance_bkp_dir/master.ldif.$instance  > /dev/null

Restore command: $OUD_BASE/bin/import-ldif --includeBranch $suffix --backendID userRoot  --ldifFile $file

Delete the replication changelog: /global/site/vendor/Oracle/dirserver/$instance/OUD/changelogDb/*

these have variables and assume that I have the correct values.