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subzero Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

I have a unix shell script that executes a sql script using and pass in 2 unix variables as parameters.

The general command to be run in user PDBs: -f -s -S -l <path> -b <logfile base> script.sql --p${val1} --p${val2}

A long diagnostic debug output follows, and the last few lines at the end are as follows:

catcon::wait_for_completion: unexpected error in next_proc()

catcon::catconExec_int: unexpected error in wait_for_completion

catcon::catconExec: an error (1) was encountered unexpected error encountered in catconExec

        while running scripts against Containers at UPGRADE_LEVEL of 1; exiting

catcon::catconWrapUp: catconInit2 has not been run completed with errors

Would appreciate any advice on how to interpret and debug the error and root cause.  Thank you.