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Unified Auditing in Multitenant 19c

Hi all,

I am configuring Unified Auditing in Multitenant 19c. As you have noticed, we have two levels of Auditing in Multitenant, one at PDB level, and a second at CDB level.

Do you have some link or specific Oracle Note id, where I can check for configure archiving for CDB audsys.aud$unified table?

Thank you


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  • Adrian Godoy Ferro
    Adrian Godoy Ferro Member Posts: 30 Red Ribbon

    Any answer?

    I am working with one CDB with two PDBs in Mixed mode auditing (sys.aud$ and audsys.aud$unified) and that means due the recommendation for not keep the audit tables grow very long, I received some recommendation from Oracle Support to create a c##<user> to copy the rows from audsys.aud$unified to an audit_archive table in c##<user> and clean the audsys.aud$unified frequently, in order to avoid performance issues like we had in 12cR2.

    In the other hand, when Mixed mode is enabled, you also have the regular *.aud files in audit_file_dest ($ORACLE_BASE/admin/$INSTANCE_NAME/adump and *.bin files in $ORACLE_BASE/audit/$ORACLE_SID location.

    This *bin files can be loaded by using DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.LOAD_UNIFIED_AUDIT_FILES successfully to audsys.aud$unified table in CDB , but it looks like not sure if these *bin files also have information to upload to PDB audsys.aud$unified.

    Have someone maybe the answer ?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Adrian Godoy Ferro
    Adrian Godoy Ferro Member Posts: 30 Red Ribbon

    Hi Emad,

    thank you for your reply and useful information. We tested pure unified auditing on 12.2 and it was a bit complex due different issues about the growing size of the unified_audit_trail table in audsys, and some performance error. We have in the plan to move to this, but we need to be sure to avoid issues which can affect the performance on prod databases.

    Best regards


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