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Unable to increase Griddisk size

Romeo EkirapaRomeo Ekirapa Posts: 3 Green Ribbon
edited September 2020 in Engineered Systems

Get the following error when i try to increase the grid disk size on exadata database server x5-2 quarter rack:-

GridDisk DATAC2_CD_00_dm02celadm03 alter failed for reason: CELL-02566: No space for the specified allocation.

Yet there is large ammont of free space on the celldisks as shown below:-

[[email protected] ~]# cellcli -e "list celldisk where name like 'CD.*' attributes name, size, freespace"

         CD_00_dm02celadm03      7.1192474365234375T     16M

         CD_01_dm02celadm03      7.1192474365234375T     16M

         CD_02_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_03_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_04_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_05_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_06_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_07_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_08_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_09_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_10_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

         CD_11_dm02celadm03      7.152252197265625T      33.8125G

[[email protected] ~]#

this is the current size of the grididsks:-

[[email protected] ~]#  cellcli -e "list griddisk where name like 'DATA.*' attributes name, size"

         DATAC1_CD_00_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_01_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_02_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_03_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_04_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_05_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_06_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_07_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_08_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_09_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_10_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC1_CD_11_dm02celadm03       1.15234375T

         DATAC2_CD_00_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_01_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_02_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_03_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_04_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_05_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_06_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_07_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_08_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_09_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_10_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

         DATAC2_CD_11_dm02celadm03       5.6738739013671875T

[[email protected] ~]#

I am try to increase the DATAC2 diskgroup by 338GB.

Kindly assist with resolving the error.

Romeo Ekirapa


  • Andris Perkons-OracleAndris Perkons-Oracle Posts: 1,099 Employee
    edited September 2020
    Kindly assist with resolving the error.

    What you are trying to do can't work.

    DATAC2 spans all 12 disks in the storage server. As you can see in the first cellcli output, disks CD_00_dm02celadm03 and CD_01_dm02celadm03 do not have any free space left. Since all grid disks in a disk group have to have the same size, it is not possible to grow DATAC2.

    The reason for that is that on older Exadatas the root partition is located on the first two disks, leaving less space for ASM griddisks. Newer Exadatas boot off separate M.2 SSDs.

    The free space on the other 10 disks can be used to create a separate disk group, but it can't be used to expand a diskgroup spanning 12 disks.


    Romeo EkirapaRomeo Ekirapa
  • Romeo EkirapaRomeo Ekirapa Posts: 3 Green Ribbon
    edited September 2020

    Thank you Andris

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