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Ksplice repository

jkinningerjkinninger Posts: 95 Red Ribbon
edited September 2020 in Oracle Linux

I am at a point in time where I'd like to look into leveraging Ksplice, especially our OL8.2 servers running our Oracle Databases. Is there an approved method to pull down these packages locally so instead of all my servers reaching out to the ULN network they can pull the ksplice packages locally? I would only have one server reaching out to download the packages. Ideally, I'd like to use Spacewalk or make the local repo a yum repo to create a channel. I tried creating the ULN channel with uln:/// but I haven't been able to successfully run a sync. Is it possible to stand up a mirror of the Ksplice repo for just the kernel versions I need?

I was looking for some material for OL8 and Ksplice but found more on OL7 which shouldn't be that different right? Overall goal is to patch our OL8.2 servers with updated kernels to avoid rebooting as frequently as monthly. Our plan is to try out quarterly and then eventually bi-yearly reboots.

Will the systems still get the normal updates from the typical channels and then the kernel will just be updated using ksplice? I am looking at the docs for the Ksplice Offline Clients. I haven't done a ton of reading up on this but now tasked to make it happen so looking for best way to setup, implement, and update.

jkinningerArun Yadav


  • Arun YadavArun Yadav Posts: 3
    edited September 2020

    Hello jkinninger,

    Let me attempt to answer the questions.

    Ksplice indeed is a great option to patch kernel without worrying about the reboots. All Oracle Linux 8 Red Hat Compatible Kernels starting with the official release are supported by Ksplice. You can use both Spacewalk server as a ksplice mirror or, might want to look at setting up the Ksplice Enhanced Client. I have not tried to setup ksplice myself with OEL8 but do not think the procedure would be much different than OEL7 other then a few like using dnf command instead of yum. The Ksplice user guide has such specifics detailed.

    Before setting up a channel and running a sync, you should have ULN registration setup and working. Otherwise, the sync job will just run and will not download any updates. Once ULN registration is setup, the credentials need to be configured in the spacewalk server to connect to the ULN site and download the required updates.

    Yes, the servers should get the normal updates like usual. Theoretically, you just configure an additional channel in Spacewalk for Ksplice other channels should work as before.

    Yes, you can choose to upgrade to a specific effective kernel version instead of the latest available version. Check this document for details.



  • jkinningerjkinninger Posts: 95 Red Ribbon
    edited September 2020

    Thanks for the valuable information!

    Do you know if the local ULN mirror still needs to be OL6 or OL7? Is it possible to use OL8 now? https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37670_01/E39381/html/ol7-prereq-repo.html

    Arun Yadav
  • Arun YadavArun Yadav Posts: 3
    edited September 2020

    You are welcome!

    Nope! Per OEL8 release notes, "Currently, there is no tool for mirroring ULN channels from ULN to a local yum server that is hosted on Oracle Linux 8 Update 1." This is documented in (Bug ID 30005125).

    Other known issues are documented here.



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