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OEM 13c Console "Secure Connection Failed"

LinziLinzi Posts: 26 Blue Ribbon
edited September 2020 in Enterprise Manager

My OEM console just stopped working today all the sudden. It had it running for close to 2 years already. Firefox, IE, Chrome, none of them worked. I'm suspecting some security change in our network, but I don't know how to pin down to the cause. Anyone run into this before and offer some helps?



  • VedaVeda Posts: 9 Blue Ribbon

    Have you tried these things:

    1) Restart OMS and Agent

    2) Check the validity of the certificate

  • Salman.AliSalman.Ali Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon

    try reaching it from your server browser and share your OEM and platform server details.

  • This should be an issue at the n/w which had caused the problem and nothing to do with the EM as such.



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