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(manage-account) missing data


How can I get value for all the fields when I run "manage-account" command:

Password Policy DN:  cn=DBA_PWD_POLICY,cn=Password Policies,cn=configAccount Is Disabled:  falseAccount Expiration Time:Seconds Until Account Expiration:Password Changed Time:  20200819192208.486ZPassword Expiration Warned Time:Seconds Until Password Expiration:  4660065Seconds Until Password Expiration Warning:  4400865Authentication Failure Times:Seconds Until Authentication Failure Unlock:Remaining Authentication Failure Count:Last Login Time:Previous Last Login Time:Seconds Until Idle Account Lockout:  0Password Is Reset:  trueSeconds Until Password Reset Lockout:  12436066Grace Login Use Times:Remaining Grace Login Count:  5Password Changed by Required Time:Seconds Until Required Change Time:Password History:

I could only find info on "Last Login Time", but for other values (Account Expiration Time / Seconds Until Account Expiration / Password Expiration Warned Time ...) I could not find any info.

Also, what is the difference between: "Seconds Until Password Expiration / Seconds Until Account Expiration"?

Thanks in advance,