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Maximize the Value of SaaS Investments with Oracle Cloud Platform

Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle
Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle Member Posts: 18
edited Feb 27, 2017 1:24AM in Developer Solutions

PaaS for SaaS

Oracle PaaS enables customers and partners to extend their Oracle SaaS applications and provide custom functionality addressing specific business needs in the following three key areas:

  • Integrating SaaS applications with external systems
  • Analyzing data from SaaS and other systems
  • Extending SaaS applications with custom functionality


Figure 1: Unified Cloud Platform to Enrich SaaS

In this series of blog posts, let us look at following scenarios where Oracle PaaS (Java Cloud Service-SaaS eXtension in specific) can enable customizing and extending SaaS applications (Sales cloud in specific):

  1. Extending Sales Cloud with a bespoke java web application deployed in JCS-SX                                                 (Screen cast)
  2. Securing access to Oracle Sales Cloud data when accessed from bespoke java application                              (Screen cast)
  3. Integrating SaaS applications with external systems                                                                                                  (Screen cast)
  4. SSO based authentication to JCS - SaaS Extension Application                                                                                (Screen cast) 
  5. Custom web application linking out to Sales Cloud                                                                                                    (Screen cast)
  6. Build UI extensions to Sales Cloud using JCS-SX                                                                                                          (Screen cast)
  7. Accessing Sales Cloud data using REST web services                                                                                                  (Screen cast)

The views expressed in this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.