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Securing access to Oracle Sales Cloud data when accessed from bespoke java application

Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle
Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle Member Posts: 18
edited Jul 1, 2016 3:40AM in Developer Solutions


An enterprise is using Oracle Sales Cloud to manage information about its customers and prospects. It has developed a custom web application to be used by its sales representatives to maintain a log of company-branded merchandise given away to customers, as part of standard sales process. The customer information needed to log the merchandise is accessed from Sales Cloud.

Using this application a sales representative is able to enter the value of merchandise, issued for a specific customer. During the process of logging merchandise, the sales representative will only be able to see accounts accessible to him/her. This short screen cast provides a brief functional and technical overview of this solution.


Figure : Secured access to Sales Cloud data

Solution Approach

A sales representative tries to log merchandise using the bespoke java application and starts typing an account name, accounts accessible by the logged in user will be suggested to the user. These suggestions are fetched by calling a web service provided by Sales Cloud. The pre-configured security and trust between PaaS (JCS-SX) and SaaS (Sales Cloud) enables bespoke applications to make secured web service calls and access Sales Cloud data without any additional security setup. 

Please refer to this blog for more details on securing web service interactions between Oracle Sales Cloud and JCS-SX. This ensures that the user logged into the bespoke application can only view the accounts accessible to him. Please refer to this sample on oracle cloud developer portal for detailed explanation about this capability.

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