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Custom web application linking out to Oracle Sales Cloud

Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle
Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle Member Posts: 18
edited Jul 1, 2016 3:40AM in Developer Solutions


An enterprise is using Oracle Sales Cloud to manage information about leads and opportunities. The enterprise has built a custom web application to capture and maintain certain pieces of information pertaining to the sales leads.  Users accessing this application are given limited access to Oracle Sales Cloud for updating lead information and do not have access to other Oracle Sales Cloud system functions. This application is deployed on JCS-SX and links out to Oracle Sales Cloud to work on sales leads.

A brief functional and technical overview of this scenario is discussed in this short screen cast.


Figure: Custom web application linking out to Sales Cloud

Solution Approach

A user logs into the custom web application and creates a new lead record and by clicking on a button in the web UI, the user will be taken to Oracle Sales Cloud where he/she can further work with the lead information.  This sample on oracle cloud developer portal provides a detailed explanation on building this extension.

Slimmed-down subsets of Oracle Sales Cloud features are made visible to the logged in user limiting the access to only specific Sales Cloud functions. This is because the user is assigned a custom role in Sales Cloud restricting his access to only leads and opportunity related functions.

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