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Build UI extensions to Sales Cloud using JCS-SX

Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle
Venkatesh Yadavalli-Oracle Member Posts: 18
edited Jul 1, 2016 3:39AM in Developer Solutions


An enterprise is using Oracle Sales Cloud to manage information about leads and opportunities. The sales representatives of an enterprise would want to know if there are any pending / long-standing service requests from customers before meeting them for additional sales opportunities. Additionally, the representatives would also like to be current on the latest news about their accounts such as leadership changes, recent announcements, or anything that may impact their selling ability.

The enterprise has built a bespoke web application which is deployed in JCS-SX that lists all open service requests related to a specific customer. This short screen cast discusses briefly about the functional and technical overview of this scenario.


Figure: Embed extended UI within Sales Cloud UI

Solution Approach

When the user selects an account in Sales Cloud UI, in the account widget a new sub-tab linked to the web application which is deployed in JCS-SX is displayed.  Upon clicking this tab, the sales representative will be able to view all the pending/open service requests for the selected customer along with recent changes/announcements relevant to the customer. This sample on oracle cloud developer portal provides a detailed explanation on this solution.

Though the embedded application is protected on JCS-SX, when the sales representative navigates to this sub-tab, he/she does not need to authenticate. This is because security and trust is pre configured enabling users to single sign on to JCS-SX and Sales cloud. Since the sales representative is already signed into Sales Cloud, the embedded page is directly displayed.

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