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Prioritize some tables in datapump extract

Richard Harrison .
Richard Harrison . Member Posts: 2,065 Gold Trophy
edited Jan 11, 2016 5:58PM in Database Ideas - Ideas


I've occasionally had the problem (and I've seen other people have too) where when doing a datapump extract of a schema or a large number of tables you sometimes want to extract a particular table first - it may be very dynamic or have a truncate run against it at regular intervals but it's size means it isn't extract until later on in the export - at which point it fails rendering the whole export invalid.

Generally doing the biggest tables first makes sense but it would be nice to flag problem tables in some way to say 'do this/these first'

You can kinf of trick datapump like this Oracle DBA Blog 2.0: Getting datapump to follow orders? but it would be much neater to just allow this functionality.

As the whole API has a PLSQL wrapper round it i don;t think this would be that difficult to implement - it would just be a slight change to the ordering algorithm?

The same could also be required with import where you maybe wanting to load parents before children if just uploading data.



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