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Database New Features in interactive way

abhinivesh.jain Member Posts: 307 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 11, 2016 5:54PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

With each new release, several hundred new features are added and DBAs are expected to know about all of them. Since adoption of latest version is not very fast in industry hence DBAs end up supporting atleast 2-3 versions. In such cases, Knowing what is available in Version A, B or C is difficult ask, to do such thing one has to scan thru many many documents. I haven't seen any place where comparative details are given for any feature. e.g. Data Guard enhancements from 9i to 12c. New features guide only provides what is new from earlier version.

It would be good idea to make New features guide more interactive and comparative (atleast up to n-2 version). This should be at very high level, for details other available guides can be used.


All databases features will be grouped into categories like-

1. Installation and configuration

2. DB upgrade

3. Data Guard

4. RAC

5. ASM


7. Data pump

etc etc..and then against each category, only very high level feature details will be given. Like- RMAN in 12c supports table level recovery from RMAN backups. or Active Data Guard in 12c supports far sync.

It is going to help DBAs in recommending the new versions and providing quick comparison to customers.



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