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COMMENTs for indexes

Dear DBA Frank
Dear DBA Frank Member Posts: 177 Bronze Badge
edited Jun 26, 2018 2:02PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Oracle allows the creation of comments on tables, materialized views, and views.  It also allows comments on columns, which can really help in understanding the data: COMMENT ON COLUMN employees.job_id IS 'abbreviated job title';

Nevertheless, that feature is not available for indexes.  There are, however, many different reasons for creating an index, and being able to document the rationale behind an index creation would be welcome.  Also, several catagories of people can be involved in index creation (application designer, maintenance developer, the DBA who adds a performance index...), and not all of them will know why a particular index was created.

I believe index comments would be a great enchancement to Oracle's DBMS.  Please comment!

This has been referenced as: Enh 23527965 - INTRODUCE COMMENTS FOR INDEXES

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