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RMAN Database Clone Option to clone a DB using Incremental backup

blkrishnarao Member Posts: 24
edited Jan 30, 2016 3:47PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Using RMAN if we can have an feature where in we can clone a Dev/test instance from say  Production once a month and then on dev instance we have this option on database:

Alter database keep snapshot for clone; -- the command keeps the SCN and data to that point as reference. It prepares the DB for a possible flashback to this state in future ( like a checkpoint)

Post this instance is widely used as Dev instance.

Later say after n days we bring an Incremental Backup from Source and want to clone it.

Hence we would inform database to flashback or return to check point stated earlier and then once recovered to that point we use incremental backup to apply latest data to dev and restore it to new dev instance.

This option could heavily/widely reduce the time taken to clone Dev/Test databases where DB sizes are huge and data changes are also huge.

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