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Web based tool for new features of given version

abhinivesh.jain Member Posts: 307 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 1, 2016 4:03AM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Oracle introduces hundreds of features in each new version and many features are added in between releases as well. Keeping track of what feature is available where and which one is right one for me is difficult ask. I still see Oracle 7 and 8 running in data centers so keeping track of what happened in 6 generations of oracle database versions is extremely difficult. So my idea is to create a Web based tool with proper navigations and arrangements of features so that one case easily find out what he is looking for. This will save lot of time in scanning thru tones of documents and will help in faster adoption of new features.

e.g. Cross platform backup restore feature of RMAN in 12c is very nice feature for DB migration but people who are thinking from cross platform migration to 12c will rarely use this since they would not have gone thru ~500 features introduced in 12c or might have missed looking at RMAN specific enhancements in 12c so why not have all RMAN related enhancements over several versions in one place.



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