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Tool to Validate PFILE/SPFILE

Matheus Boesing
Matheus Boesing Member Posts: 46 Blue Ribbon
edited Jul 2, 2016 1:10PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

It could have a tool to validade file/spfile to check, for example:

- All needed parameters are settled

- No conflicts between parameters

- No bad configuration (SGA_TARGET > SGA_MAX_SIZE, for example).

Actually when the DBA changes a parameter scope SPFILE or scope PFILE it expects to work, but it not necessary works, and then the DBA has to understand the error and solve the problem with database DOWN.

If the DBA has a tool to make checks in this files after changes scope SPFILE/PFILE and before get database down, it should be awesome. Then, there will be not surprises when database is already down and DBA is trying to startup.

If I’d implement it, I’d make it an external tool that enables DBA to simply check a file “consistency” without having a database online AND against and existent database (for changes).

It would be specially good to manage SPFILES, once DBA can easily “view”a PFILE, but not a SPFILE.

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