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Mobile Access for Enterprise Manager (Cloud Control)

Matheus Boesing
Matheus Boesing Member Posts: 46 Blue Ribbon
edited Jul 13, 2016 7:03PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

It actually exists "Enterprise Manager Mobile" for incident management with service request integration, but it was released in 2012, only for IOS, and has very limited options.

More about this product at

As DBA, I'd like to access more through an App in my Android phone, being able to take a look in "Principal Activity" or "Performance Home" graphs for my principal databases, like I actually do in any browser in PC.

The actual solution have no "graphs" that enable DBA to have a better understanding about the activity, nor 'advanced' resources like 'add a datafile from my phone", to solve quick incidents.

I really think Oracle should invest efforts to regard a better "Remote Administration" for DBAs, even from their mobiles.

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