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Multitenant - Add "Hot Clone" option for PDB

Pini Dibask
Pini Dibask Member Posts: 521 Gold Badge
edited Apr 3, 2017 12:25PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

When trying to clone a PDB from another PDB within the same CDB or from another PDB in a remote CDB (using DB Link), it requires putting the source PDB in OPEN READ-ONLY mode.

I would greatly appreciate if you could consider adding an option to clone PDB when the source PDB is in OPEN READ-WRITE state. This will eliminate the downtime that is required today for PDB cloning operations.

Update: PDB hot cloning is now possible with Oracle Database 12c R2:

The source is the existing PDB or non-CDB that is copied. The target PDB is the clone of the source. The source can be a PDB in the local CDB, a PDB in a remote CDB, or a non-CDB. The CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE statement copies the files associated with the source to a new location and associates the files with the target PDB. When the CDB is in ARCHIVELOG mode and local undo mode, the source PDB can be opened in read/write mode and fully functional during the operation. Therefore, hot PDB cloning is supported.

For more information refer to: Database Administrator's Guide

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