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join elimination on outer join with distinct subquery (instead of unique index)

Rainer Stenzel
Rainer Stenzel Member Posts: 64 Bronze Badge
edited Nov 15, 2016 5:07AM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Encountering queries structered as outlined below I was wondering whether

join elimination could already (11.2) take place under specific preconditions

or should be proposed as implementation idea.

Shouldn't join eliminations be achievable on queries over a view as

create or replace view vusers as

with ot42 as (select distinct owner# from sys.obj$ where type#=42),

     ot57 as (select distinct owner# from sys.obj$ where type#=57)

select user#,ot42.owner# ot42user#,ot57.owner# ot57user#

from sys.user$

left outer join ot42 on ot42.owner#=user#

left outer join ot57 on ot57.owner#=user#

when the affected columns ot42user# and/or ot57user# are not used ?

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