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Make a RESYNC of RMAN Catalog Database Include Any On-Line Move of a Datafile

User_24E47 Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 4, 2019 12:11PM in Database Ideas - Ideas


After performing an online datafile move from one volume to another, the data file name in the Control File does not match the data file name in the Recovery Catalog. A resync of the Catalog does not change the datafile name on the catalog.

This is the file and the command used for the online datafile move :

alter database move datafile 11 to '/u03/sand1/ap_web_d01.dbf'

I have only been offered "workarounds" to this issue.  ALTHOUGH, the documentation states that CHANGES to the Control File will be effected to the RMAN Catalog when a RESYNC CATALOG is issued.  An online datafile move (alter database move datafile) is a new feature of Oracle 12c.  Seems like a safeguard to be sure and effect the move of a datafile to purpose it to the RMAN catalog.  When using an RMAN catalog, a failure occurs because the catalog is looking for the datafile at its old location when in reality it was moved.

PLEASE change the logic of the RESYNC to include changes to the location/name of the data file.

Thank you

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