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Secure Link - File Sharing for Business

The below service can be provided to all of Oracle Clients for free on the first year in order to encourage the use of the below tool and after the completion of a year period a renewal fee can be suggested .

  • Issue Brief :

As you’re aware Around the business community users share large files over mail such as invoices or contracts or any business related documents which can be not delivered due to size issue .

sharing such files is done through different methods which are complicated or even not secure , customer might have to create a username to a random website provided by the vendor or even try downloading the same from various sources which sometimes is a security risk and hectic .

  • Solution :

  1. To have a tool ( A secure web link generator )  where we can upload the files or data and a link will be
    shared with the customer so he can download his file by clicking one click only no username or any ID is required , maybe only an OTP which expires in 24 hours .
  2. The same will be shared
    through an email to the other party and it’ll be the same as sharing the files as attachment ( only people copied in the same mail will be able
    to view it ) .

  • Restrictions :

  • Every link will be valid
    for 24 hours only and all files will be deleted at midnight , if customer
    missed the mail in the same day another link can be generated and shared with
    him .
  • This should help keeping the server size at minimum and no annual or monthly cleansing will be required
  • A disclaimer will be only required before the download that Oracle is not responsible of the content of this download and it's the responsibility of the clients .
  • As the upload part will be done by Oracle clients , Username and password is provided hence we can know who has uploaded the files .

  • Access to the Secure Link tool ( to upload ) will be given to certain employees of any after obtaining the
    necessary approvals which will be provided with login credential of the client of Oracle , and the download option will be open to whoever will click on the link .

  • Benefits

  1. Easy access to share file
    such as Invoices, Contracts, Statement of accounts & etc.. with our Business partners  .
  2. Reducing paper usage and sending multiple mails to share files .
  3. Having less server capacity
    even up to 2 GB as the same files uploaded today will be deleted within 24
    hours .

Best Regards,

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