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EXPDP/IMPDP backup information

Adityanath Dewoolkar
Adityanath Dewoolkar Member Posts: 346 Bronze Badge
edited Aug 13, 2019 9:57AM in Database Ideas - Ideas

Dear Experts,

Oracle should collect backup information for every data pump job started on the database.

We always say datapump is server side process as it will always make use of directories on server side. So I guess this is possible & helpful for DBA's to find out all datapump backup details in single query.

We can have following views.



Each of which will have following columns:

1. Owner:  Name of DB user who initiated this job

2. Directory: Name of the directory

3. Dumpfile: Name of the dumpfile

4. Logfile: Name of the logfile

4. Status: Status of job => Completed, Failed, Completed with errors, Completed with warnings, Running, Killed, Resumable_wait

5. Start_time: Start time of the job

6. End_time: End time of the job

7. Degree: Parallel degree used

7. Clause: This can contain expdp/impdp command details. (FULL, SCHEMAS, Tables etc)

This will help a lot in database systems with lot of datapump operations on daily basis. Also DBA's can query these views to get status of the job instead of going through every logfile.

Please comment!



Adityanath DewoolkarAndreas Huber
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  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 6,195 Silver Crown

    The information of "what backups have been done" is already being recorded in the RMAN Catalog (or Control Files)

    "DataPump" files are NOT backups and do not need this level of recording.

    IMHO: adding "A  Pre-Process and Post-Process steps for DataPump" to achieve your goal would be a more suitable method.

    My $0.02