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Add comments to a database link

gassenmj Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited Nov 19, 2019 6:47AM in Database Ideas - Ideas

There are pros and cons about database links in the Oracle DB. One point of criticism to me seems that there is always very few documentation of what You would break if changing the DB link.

I was thinking about offering a way to add a comment to a DB link. We have that opportunity for a long time for several other objects and it helps a lot to document Your work:…

That might allow developers and DBAs that want/have to work with DB links to at least document a bit why the distributed setup has been chosen.

We could store a lot of helpful information in such a comment: What would break if we export/import such a DB link; What DB is connected remotely; is it read only or read/write;...

Ideally we could query such a comment in the data dictionary, e.g.

select * from db_links;

or a new object like

select * from db_link_comments;

What do You think?

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