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Predicate information in SQL Monitor(Text) report

Rajeshwaran, Jeyabal
Rajeshwaran, Jeyabal Member Posts: 87 Bronze Badge
edited Apr 22, 2020 9:46AM in Database Ideas - Ideas

The output produced by SQL Monitor report is really helpful.

current we use this dbms_sqltune.report_sql_monitor(type=>'text') - to get the Textual version of sqlmonitor report, very light weight when compared to "active" format. - How the predicate information section is missing in the Textual version, but the same is available in the "active" format

It would be very helpful, if the textual version supports the predicate information, that would help us to isolate what part of the predicates were access and filters, while we navigate through the execution plan details.

Rajeshwaran, Jeyabalberx
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